Update on Cherokee Girl and Twin 1

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Update on Cherokee Girl and Twin 1

Postby Twin2 on Tue Aug 28, 2007 2:09 pm

Hi Everyone!
Thought I'd let you all know what is going on in Burns or out of Burns.
Twin 1 is at Basic Training in Missouri. She called the other day and misses everyone. She should be back in the real world by November. She left for Basic on her 18th Birthday in July.
Cherokee Girl left for college on the 23rd. She is doing well and should have her lap top by tonight. But her dorm has not been set up for internet yet. Her dorm was renovated this year. If anyone wants her snail mail, PM me and I'll send it to you. Right now she is going thru Orientation and testing. She starts classes on Wednesday.
She has made friends and seems to be doing fine or at least telling me she is fine. She will be even better when her boxes sent form home get there. Which one got there yesterday. Luckily she packed some of her bedding in her suitcase, because she has been there since Friday and not having sheets would not of been fun. As it was she had to borrow a towel to take a shower....
I am sure as soon as Cherokee girl can she will check in. Have a great day!! :hi:
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