TOD 2007/05/24 - Serious Questions

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TOD 2007/05/24 - Serious Questions

Postby nil on Fri May 25, 2007 5:25 am

For many years, many serious questions had clouded my mind, making me dimmer and slow. Now I would like to release the questions to you so they can bother you like they did to me.

1) How much chocolate can I eat in my life time? And would I regret that I haven't eaten enough at the end of my life?
2) How many people will suffer when I'm eating chocolate? Will they live better if I eat cheaper food?
3) How much money have I spent in buying chocolates? Would my life be better if I've saved all those money and invest in something else?
4) Why am I thinking about chocolate all the time? Would I have figured out the meaning of life if I had not been thinking about them?
5) All my comfort have came from chocolate. What could I do if the candy factory stop making them?

What would you do? Every question deserve an answer. Have you been bothered by similar questions? Ask and let's bemuse together.
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Postby Pimienta on Fri May 25, 2007 3:41 pm

First I'll type my similar questions then the musings to the answers of yours

1. Would I regret not trying so hard my last few years of school?
2. How much can one play video games in a lifetime?
3. Will those video games kill the mind as so many parents believe they do?
4. Why don't people wonder about more important things?
5. Is there truely more important things to wonder about?

okay now the thoughts on your questions

1) Who knows how much chocolate one can eat? And regret about such things probably comes too late to be concerned about.
2) They probable suffer no more from you eating chocolate than if you were eating jello. and if you eat cheaper food, it will only affect others if you spend that money on them.
3) What would you invest in that fills your heart with more joy than chocolate?
4) For all we know the meaning of life could be eating chocolate in which case you would have spent your time wisely.
5) Life would go on but it would be a much sadder place without chocolate.
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Postby nil on Sat Jun 02, 2007 8:19 pm

And the answer...
1) Yes you would regret. Life and grass is always better on the other side of the hill. Whatever we didn't do would always beat what we have done.
2) Life is a video game. And we can spend a whole life time playing it.
3) Yes, the video games will kill the mind. That's why I'm babbling mindlessly right now (and that's probably why you asked this question at the first place).
4) Because they spent too much time in their own video game.
5) Now that question make me wonder...
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Postby padackles_89 on Wed Jun 06, 2007 9:43 am

(1) You can never eat too much chocolate. Over a period of a life-time, obviously. If you eat as much chocolate in, say, an hour as you would in a lifetime you'd probably die. You can always be eating chocolate on your death bed, just to be sure anyway.

(2) I don't see why people should suffer from your chocolate eating, but if they do then they should stop complaining and be thankful that you're keeping the cocoa-pickers in jobs.

(3) If you'd saved the money and bought...say...jars of pickle, ten years from now you'll be thinking 'what if I'd saved the money I've spent on jars of pickle and bought chocolate instead. I could have been so much happier' Hypotheticism can be an evil, evil thing.

(4) Chocolate could be the meaning of probably isn't but you never know. So by thinking of chocolate all the time, you could actually have worked out the meaning of life and pondering it daily. You are the world's most geniusest genius! Congratulations.

(5) If chocolate was no longer in production, we would all slowly expire. We'd all be slimmer and probably healthier but life would seem bleaker, nothing would seem quite so bright. Let's just hope and pray.

I have no questions of my own, because the only thing I can think of right now is chocolate, and whether it's the meaning of life. This is going to keep me up at night :P
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